Deploy studies online

While building studies is (we hope) a pleasure in itself, the main aim of every study is to collect data in pursuit of a substantive question. Though the studies you build with lab.js will run perfectly in the laboratory, collecting data over the web is often attractive [1].

In this section, we’ll teach you how to collect data online: We discuss the basics of how the internet works, and show you how to make it work for your research. Whether you’re running your own server, share some webspace with your university or employer, or rely on questionnaire tools, we’ve got you covered: lab.js can run in all of these scenarios (and probably more).

[1]In practice, the location does not fully determine the deployment method: Even if you run your study in a laboratory, it can often be useful to collect data centrally on a server. We also know of colleagues who have asked their participants to collect and send in csv files, so that’s also possible if you’re in a pinch.