Welcome to the lab.js documentation!

lab.js makes building in-browser experiments easy. It’s a simple, graphical tool to help you build studies for the web and the laboratory.

Thank you for checking out our project! We’ve collected a few links below to get you started, but we’re happy to help with any additional questions or ideas you have. We’d love to hear from you!

Introductory tutorial

For a first overview or a refresher, this is the place to start.
Welcome (back)!

Working with HTML

Once you know your way around, learning HTML gives you greater flexibility and control over design.

Recipes and examples

Because someone might have figured out that tricky thing before.

Online data collection

When you've built your study, you'll want to run it and collect data. Here's how to do that.

Developer reference

All library internals
(in excrutiating detail)


Seriously, you're awesome. Suggestions, examples, even code are all super-welcome.
Come join us!

Project website

This is where we show off all our features in glossy pictures. Show this to your friends, and boss!


Here's where you'll find help.
Do join our community chat and say hello, maybe even help someone else, too?

GitHub repository

Work happens over on GitHub: Releases are cut, changes are logged, and issues reported.


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