Find help

Please be invited to reach out and discuss any questions or ideas you have, or changes you would like to make: We are happy to answer your questions!

Online support

  • Our Slack channel is always available for quick questions – we try to be around as much as possible, and other community members will also pitch in. Please be invited to join the discussion, and help your fellow researchers too!
  • For long-term proposals, more formal technical discussions and bug reports, please use GitHub issues. These allow all developers involved to triage and keep track of outstanding to-dos and any organize longer-term work.

In-person workshops

Our favorite way to help is to provide in-person workshops for research groups. This allows us to give you our undivided attention, and provide you with a more structured introduction to our tool. Workshops also help sustain development, and we bring stickers! Here’s some things to know, based on our experience:

  • We find that we can give an appetizer in a two-hour session and get people started in half a day; it takes two days to provide an in-depth introduction into all the features lab.js provides.
  • A very productive add-on to a workshop is building a set of paradigms specific to the local research group.


We’re researchers like you! Allow us a moment to (preemtively) set expectations and explain ourselves: This project is built by researchers for researchers; its authors teach like you, sit in meetings like you, review papers and conduct independent research as you do; we, too, have deadlines and career obligations. This project is a labor of love for us, something we built because we strongly believe it should exist. We are always happy to help to the best of our abilities, and are immensely grateful for our users who are share our joy of helping others, are mindful of our sincere intentions, but also potential limits of fellow academics. Let’s make this project sustainable together!