Thank you for considering contributing to lab.js! Whether you have an idea or suggestion, if you have spotted a bug or even have a correction handy, whether you would like to add new features or documentation, or improve what’s already there, your help is very welcome indeed. Similarly, if you enjoy the project and would like to become a contributor, you are very warmly invited to join; we’d be glad to help you find a contribution that fits your interests and resources.

Together, we’re building a tool to help scientists understand behavior and cognition in its many forms, and to conduct their research efficiently and transparently. We believe the world needs this project:

  • Browser-based studies have been difficult to build. We’d like to make data collection in the browser accessible to everyone.
  • Commercial tools impede sharing of research material, and thereby hamper open, reproducable research; our goal is to make sure that studies can be shared, reproduced and extended.
  • Behavioral research is moving towards large-scale, collaborative projects. The future needs open, extensible, cross-platform research tools. That’s what we’re creating here!